Case Studies

Case 5

Case-10  Androgenetic  Alopecia  (Pattern Hairloss)
Mr Suman suffered from hairloss for more than three years.He tried various treatments and nothing seemed to work.He was despairing of turning bald when he finally decided to come to German Homeopathy
When he first came to the clinic last year,he was clearly adviced that he would need two years of treatment.He started treatment and now after one year,He can
already feel and see the difference.His hairloss has considerably reduced and the treatment has prevented any further thinning.Earlier his scalp was
terribly visible which is no longer the case as the hair growth has substantially increased.

***Disclaimer-“results may vary from person to person”.we donot guarantee or assurance or time frame for treatments.

Case 4

Case-4 Atopic Dermatitis (Eczema in children )

Baby Reshma is 8 and 1/2 years old studying in third standard.she was suffering from a childhood disorder called Atopic Dermatitis wit severe itching all over the body,
right leg,thighs,hands,abdomen,everywhere.The itching was so intense that she used to scratch and scratch until sometimes her skin bled.The itching used to
increase in winters.She tried many creams prescribed by skin doctors
but theses only provided temporary relief and then the itching would start again.They finally brought her to German Homeopathy clinic.after a long and
detailed discussion ,Reshma was prescribed appropriate Homeopathic medicines.She swallowed the sweet pills regularly and as a result has become perfectly alright.Her itching is almost
gone and lesions healed completely.

***Disclaimer–“results may vary from person to person”.we donot guarantee or assurance or time frame for treatments.

Case 3

Case-3  Vitiligo (White patches)
Thirty six year old named Ravi (Name changed) first noticed a few white patches (vitiligo) on his arms.He approached a dermatologist for treatment .
He was put on conventional (allopathic ) medications.He took them for about 1year,there was no improvement.He thereafter ,decided to opt for Homeopathic
treatment at German Homeopathy,because the white patches were now spreading.He recalled being to exposed to certain chemicals in the past.This ,he felt could have
possibly ‘triggered’his vitiligo.His maternal cousin,he reported ,suffered from vitiligo too.Ravi had no other health issues or complaints.He was employed with the private firm.He had a peaceful life,
although he had gone though a stressful time,before his marriage.Ravi also ruled out major stresses at work.Although calm by temperamaent,Ravi described himself as being ‘the stubborn type’ at time.He didnot like crowded places they would make him feel agitated’.
Following case anlysis,the consulting doctor,at  German Homeopathy clinic prescribed the appropriate remedy.Ravi’s vitiligo started receding slowly his white patches now looked less distinct
in appearance .They started to fill with tiny,brown(pigmented ) spots.After year’s time , on Homeopathic treatment,they got completely covered.

***Disclaimer–“results may vary from person to person”.we donot guarantee or assurance or time frame for treatments.

Case 2

Case-2   Infertility (unable to concieve )
32 year old Smruthi who worked as a Teacher,visited our clinic in jeevanbheema nagar,Bangaloe with the complaint of unable to concieve even after of six years of marriage.
On investigation found that she had PCOD(Multiple cysts growth in Ovaries )Her failure to produce a child was causing her extreme anxiety aggravated  by
the fact that she was causing being pressurised about this by impatient family members.She was adviced artificial insemination,she had tried it twice with no success.
Finally she came to German Homeopathy’ for treatment.After detailed case study she was prescribed suitable medication.Within a year of
Homeopathic treatment at German Homeopathy’the cysts in the ovaries disappeared and she was able to concieve,and given delivered Healthy baby.

***Disclaimer–“results may vary from person to person”.we donot guarantee or assurance or time frame for treatments.

case 1

Case 1 Psoriasis
Mr Lokesh ,28 yrs of age first came to our clinic with an expression of sadness and hopelessness on his face.
He was suffering from scalp psoriasis,a condition in which the skin cycle gets altered to make the skin cells grow at a faster pace.
This had resulted into thick flaky dandruff that had worsened over a period of time.The itching  was unbearable,bleed at times and had a foul odour
He had consulted many doctors and tried almost every possible treatment that he could lay his hands upon,but in vain.All of them only offered
temporary relief and in due course of time the problem returned with a vengeance.
Shattered by the fact that his problem was incurable,he gave up treatment thinking that he had to put with it all his life,accepting the disease as his
Through one of his friend,who happens to be one of my patient,visited our clinic reluctantly as he thought it was merely wastage of his time and money.
He was already
undergoing huge financial difficulties due to his debts and did not want to be burdened all the more.A government teacher by professioin,he earned a
decent amount by which
he supported his family.Besides ,he was worried about his sister’s marriage and the responsibilities that lay ahead of him.Nothing was going right and
this problem added to his woes.
He had got so frustrated by his ailment that it created an unpleasant atmosphere at home.He believed that he had nothing to achieve in his life showed
disinterest in everything,
and became aloof over a period of time.After being educated about his skin condition ,he was prescribed suitable Homeopathic Medicines along with dietary
instructions on the basis
of his physical and emotional state.He was also adviced to practice stress relieving techniques.
AS the treatment progressed ,his scalp cleared to a considerable extent within 2-3 months,which relieved him,but he had his own doubts about the
longevity of the results.Further treatment cleared all this doubts with regard to recurrences and instilled a new found confidence in him.Now,when he walks
the clinic,he is no longer the same person who visited our clinic long back.

***Disclaimer–“results may vary from person to person”.we donot guarantee or assurance or time frame for treatments.