In  view  of  the  extensive  research  and  development (R& D) taking  place  in  the field  of  HOMEOPATHY  medicines   with  many  epoch making  ,   generic  and  holistic  treatments  being  offered  in  respect  many  more  complicated  diseases  ,  our  group  of  Doctors  with  minimum  15 years’ of    clinical practice  decided  in  a  brainstorming  session  that  this  medicine  must  be  popularized more   by   dispensing  genuine  ,  latest ,  original  medicines     through  more    patient friendly  clinics. The  Homeopathic  medicines  and  treatments  are  cheaper and  totally  free  of    detrimental  side effects. We  also  decided  that  the  Patients  must  be  issued  written  prescriptions  with  names  of  medicines  prescribed  ,  with  their  potency  and  periodicity of  intake etc  ,  so  as  to  enable  patients  to  avail  second  opinions  ,  if  need  be .  With  these  they  can  buy  OTC  homeopathic  medicines  from  outside  also  ,  without  necessitating  visit  to  the  clinic  by  obtaining  guidance  from  our  doctors  on-line  or  over phone  , email etc. Simplifying  the  procedures  and  enabling  and  empowering  customers  by  overcoming  their  apprehensions  about  this  alternative  stream  of  medicine. Reinforcing  confidence  in  patients  was  bound  to   bring  more  patients into  the orbit  of  Homeopathy !!!


It  was  unanimously  decided to  launch     holistic   Super   Speciality  Homeopathic   Clinics   under  the  banner  GERMAN  HOMEOPATHY  CLINICS ,  to  take  off  initially from  Bangalore. These  people  friendly  and  trend setting  Clinics  , will  align  themselves  with  the  needs  of  the  modern day  living  , offering  online  services  of  consultation ,  prescription  , supply  of  medicines   and  payments  through  digital  interfaces , too.  The  focus will be  on  educating  the  people  about  the  salient  advantages  of  Homeopathy  as  an  effective  alternate  medicine  and   patient  compliance  to  ensure  successful  cures  for  ailments.


Dr.  Suresh   Gundeti
, Chief Medical Officer & Managing Director, German Homeopathy , Super Specialty clinic, Bengaluru.

Dr. Suresh Gundeti, of German Homeopathy, holds his BHMS degree (Bachelor of Homeopathy Medicine and Surgery) from the prestigious Homeopathic Medical College, Mangalore. He has also done his Fellowship Certificate Course in ‘Homeopathy Dermatology’, the first of its kind in India, conducted by the Maharashtra University of Health Sciences. He has attended and presented a research paper at the National Homeopathic Conference. He is the recipient of 30 successful treatment awards conferred by the Head of Dr. Batra’s Clinic. He has worked as a Senior Homeopathic Consultant for a reputed chain of internationals clinics for over 15 years. In addition, he has worked as Chief Homeopathic Medical Officer for an NGO for 3 years. He is also the President of the Indian Homeopathic Medical Association, Bangalore Chapter. During the course of his successful career, he has treated over a lakh of patients for ailments ranging from the common cold to cancer.

Dr Lavanya Suresh   lavanya-suresh

She has wide experience of treating patients over more than a Lakh, in the last 16yrs. She has worked with International Homeopathic clinics as a Senior Consultant. Her individualized approach to treatment maximizes success and minimizes side effects. Dr. Lavanya treated and cured large number of cases including many of incurable diseases, for which she received many successful treatment awards .

She is soft spoken and kind to her patients, apart from her regular work she gives free treatment to the poor and needy.