Case 3

Case-3  Vitiligo (White patches)
Thirty six year old named Ravi (Name changed) first noticed a few white patches (vitiligo) on his arms.He approached a dermatologist for treatment .
He was put on conventional (allopathic ) medications.He took them for about 1year,there was no improvement.He thereafter ,decided to opt for Homeopathic
treatment at German Homeopathy,because the white patches were now spreading.He recalled being to exposed to certain chemicals in the past.This ,he felt could have
possibly ‘triggered’his vitiligo.His maternal cousin,he reported ,suffered from vitiligo too.Ravi had no other health issues or complaints.He was employed with the private firm.He had a peaceful life,
although he had gone though a stressful time,before his marriage.Ravi also ruled out major stresses at work.Although calm by temperamaent,Ravi described himself as being ‘the stubborn type’ at time.He didnot like crowded places they would make him feel agitated’.
Following case anlysis,the consulting doctor,at  German Homeopathy clinic prescribed the appropriate remedy.Ravi’s vitiligo started receding slowly his white patches now looked less distinct
in appearance .They started to fill with tiny,brown(pigmented ) spots.After year’s time , on Homeopathic treatment,they got completely covered.

***Disclaimer–“results may vary from person to person”.we donot guarantee or assurance or time frame for treatments.