Homeopathy Medicine

This is   a system of alternative medicine  , that was developed  by Dr Samuel Hahnemann  ,  over  250  years ,  ago in Germany. He was primarily an  Allopathic physician .  After   25yrs’   of    constant  practice   he   was  disillusioned ,  with  the   harmful  side  effects  of   Allopathic  medicines  ,   where  permanent  cure  eluded  in  many cases.  ,   when  used  even  for  minor  ailments .  Hence ,   he   invented    remedies  derived from Natural  sources  ,  various  flora , fauna  ,  roots  and  shoots  etc.    With    extensive  clinical   research ,  experiments   and  meticulous   recording of    observations and results ,   he laid down    some fundamental    principles   for  alternative treatments  and  formulated  compositions  ,   which     were  easily  dispensable   ,  gentle  on    human  organs and  biology ,  harmless  and curative ,  known  as  Homeopathy.

  • Hahnemann and his contemporaries developed this science into a Globally accepted   stream  of  alternative medicine.
  • Though this  originated   in Germany  ,   it has become   extremely popular   all  over  the  world    ,  especially  in India.
  • Presently      HOMEOPATHY  is  the    SECOND  LARGEST    system  of  medicines ,   according  to  a  report  published  by  WHO.
  • The  Homeopathy  has   evolved  over  recent  years  ,  into  an  effective  ,  hybrid  form  of  treatment  , encompassing  ordinary  cold  to  Cancer ,  and    once  incurable  diseases   like  Kidney ,  Liver ,  Heart   ailments   ,  Infertility   etc.
  • This  system  of  medicine   can  be  safely  taken  by all  age groups , in  human  beings   ,  as well  as   is   dispensed  , even  to  animals  like  domestic pets etc.
  •  These  medicines  work  acting  like  valves  , in a  holistic  manner  ,   only  targeting   the  diagnoised  diseases   and  disabilities    ,  without  having  any  side  effects   or  impact elsewhere.
  •  Nowadays  more  and  more  people  are  opting  for  this   form  of  medicine  , in  view  of  it   being   safe  from  adverse side effects    and  also  as   the  Homeopathic  research  has   created  faster  cures  ,  unlike   in  the  olden days  , when   this   treatment  was  blamed  to  have   comparatively   slow  impact.