German Homeopathy Clinics

All  the  Doctors  in  German Homeopathy  clinics  are  having a  minimum   practical  experience  of  15 years  and  above  in  this  field,  in Clinical Practice.  The MD  Dr.  Suresh  Gundeti  BHMS ; FCHD (Bom)   and CEO  Mrs . Lavanya  Suresh   BHMS ,  have  nearly  19  years’   of  Clinical Expertise , in treating Acute and Chronic Diseases.  The  latter  specializing   in  women’s diseases.

International Protocols   are  duly   followed in evaluating  the   process  of   cure ,  as  the   treatment  progresses. We use high quality , imported ,  original  German Homeopathic Medicines.  We also  ensure 100% Hygienic   blister  packing of  medicines  etc.,  for better   preservation  of medicinal   POTENCY   and   properties.  We  adopt  classical  Homeopathy   methods  for   diagnosis  ,  as accurate  diagnosis is  the  cornerstone  for  homeopathic treatment …. and    leads  to   effective  and   target   prescriptions.    Computerised  case  histories  of   cases are  preserved  , after   preliminary  examination ,  followed  by ,  in – depth  analysis  of  symptoms , recording  of  parameters   like  BP  , Weight  etc.   ,  with  further  examinations  ,  investigations , done  if required.

This  is  followed  by  revealing  the  probable  factors   responsible  for   the  disease  and  an  accurate  prognosis is announced. Then  the  medicines  are  prescribed  and  the  Doctor / s  will  guide   dietary  and lifestyle  corrections wherever  needed ,  since we strongly believe that wrong  dietary  habits  and lifestyle  practices  are   solely  responsible   for many diseases. Clinics   open on all the days.  Improper  patient  compliance   is   one of the major causes   for  delay  in  cures.  We give appointments according to the patients’   condition   and  convenience  and regularly issue  reminders .We  treat  outstation  patients , too  ,  through  online  consultation   and   courier the medicines to outstation  patients  and  those  who  request  for.

***Disclaimer–“results may vary from person to person”.we donot guarantee or assurance or time frame for treatments.